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The Club updated its Rules & Regulations at its 30th AGM meeting held in 2013 and these still stand.

  1. The season shall be from 01 March 2020 until 31 January 2021.
  2. The normal times for fishing shall be from 07:30 until one hour after sunset (please see notices).
  3. Fly fishing only with no more than three single hooks on the leader at one time.  Spinning, controllers, compound tackles, multiple hook flies and ground bait are prohibited.  No barbless hooks.
  4. All undamaged fish less than 10 inches in length shall be carefully returned to the water.
  5. The catch by each rod on any one ticket shall be limited to four fish, the number and weight caught to be notified to the committee by means of the Post Box in the Cabin.  NIL returns to be included.  No catch and release.
  6. No fish are to be sold or passed to a second party for re-sale.
  7. Any disease apparent in any fish caught in the loch should be immediately reported to the committee.
  8. Bank fishing only.  Wading is prohibited.
  9. No person shall fish within fenced areas on loch as these are unsafe.
  10. Cars shall be parked in areas provided and at owners own risk.
  11. All dogs must be kept under control.
  12. Juveniles only if approved or accompanied by an adult.
  13. No person shall interfere with any wildlife.
  14. The committee reserves the right to order all fishing to stop at any time.
  15. Any visitor accompanying an angler shall comply with the foregoing requirements.
  16. All anglers shall do everything in their power to prevent illegal fishing.
  17. If any infringement of the foregoing regulations occurs, the committee can immediately terminate the permit of the party concerned.
  18. Any permit holder or person entering the premises of Jericho Loch do so at their own risk and the committee accept no responsibility for any injury, loss or damage suffered by such person, or for any claim or liabilities which may be occasioned by any action or omission on the part of such person.
  19. All anglers must enter their name and date into the book supplied in Cabin before starting to fish.  Day Ticket/Membership Number.
  20. Brown trout when in season and brook trout to be taken/returned at the angler’s discretion.
  21. Conventional fly-fishing tackle only.  No spinning rods, reels, floats or bite indicators of any type allowed.
  22. All three islands on the loch are strictly out of bounds.

Please note the Club does not have card facilities so cash or cheques only please

During the present crisis please bring exact money.

When you are fishing at Jericho bring your kids along for free.

Visitors Prices

Full Day ticket £25
(4 Fish limit then catch and release)

Full Day Second Ticket £30
(4 Fish Limit)

Any 4 hours £17
(2 Fish limit)

Catch and Release
4 hours £15
6 hours £20

No tag fish with a catch and release ticket.
BEAT 1 and 4 ONLY

Barbless hooks.  No boobies.  Fish must be kept in a net in the water until release.

Members Prices

During the present crisis please bring exact money.

Full Day Ticket £17
(3 Fish then catch and release)

Full Day Second Ticket £20
(3 Fish limit)

Any 4 Hours £12
(2 Fish limit)

Catch and Release
4 hours £10
6 hours £15

Annual Membership Price £60
Routine checks are carried out.

Tight Lines and we hope you enjoy the fishing.

All Anglers Please Remember ...
Please can all anglers remember to dip their nets and footwear before beginning to fish.
The dip is at the Cabin door entrance.  
Help prevent the spread of disease.  

Your co-operation is appreciated.

All tiger trout and brown trout MUST be returned to the water.

Members and visitors must sign in at the Cabin before commencing fishing.

Bank fishing only.

Strictly NO wading.

Strictly NO swimming.

During the present crisis please bring exact money.
Jericho Fly Fishers
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