Jerich Fly Fishers

Jericho Fly Fishers
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Can we ask when you come to fish to bring the exact money with you please.
Also for the safety of the member on duty can we ask that the car park is only to be used for members and visiting anglers only!
Safety measures will be put in place for buying your ticket and also when fishing. Hope to see you all in March.

The committee

Remember kids fish for free when they bring an adult along (see permits page).


Jericho Fly Fishers Club was founded in 1981 by several anglers who had been fishing at the loch when it opened in 1980.  Having started with an annual membership of 11, the Club now has an annual membership of over 230 anglers.
The loch is located on the outskirts of Dumfries in beautiful tranquil surroundings. It is stocked twice a week with a variety of trout including rainbow, blue, brown, brook and tiger.  Many fish caught are in the range of 3lb - 6lb.  There are also a substantial number of fish between 10lb - 20lb to be had.

During the year as a bit of extra fun, tagged fish are put into the loch.  There are various prizes on their head.  Anglers pay £1.00 (in addition to the price of their day ticket) to try for a tagged fish.  For each tagged fish removed a replacement is made.
Jericho Fly Fishers

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